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F/V Northwestern is one of many commercial fishing vessels that rely on PAXCOM computers.
  • Computers built for survival in the tough marine environment
  • Tried and tested components
  • Two year unlimited warranty
  • Windows 10 installed

PAXCOM keeps most components IN STOCK, giving us the ability to provide extremely fast service. If you need it tomorrow, we will do our best to make that deadline. Give us a call when others can't do it.

The SH81 & SH110 are the workhorses of the line. When you need all the reliability, power and expansion (Video Cards, COM Ports, etc.) The DH110 is great when you need the full power of a full size system, but need an even smaller footprint. The DH110 has remote start capability for remote mounting. Optionally, remote USB port(s) are also available.


Proven since 2001 with systems that endure in the demanding environment of the commercial marine industry. Our customers include Washington State Ferries, San Francisco Ferries, Mackay Industries, Ocean Peace, Lunde Marine, Marport, and many more marine industry notables.